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This is nothing related with my eye . The blog is just to show what i see and to share out to others. (I think i need to redo the whole thing....) Should include almost everything i saw)

Old Drama

I delete all previous post for a new starting. So, what are the recent event that i done and see/watch.

Science Friction dramas are always my favorite. I "acquired" some Science Friction drama recently. The drama series writer really good in making people to continue and continue to watch and you will realize some of the episode actually can lead people to think for hours what will happen next. 

Behold the magnificent :

This drama is awesome. It is about the story of an expedition which found the lost city, Atlantis. The only thing is Atlantis is not only under the ocean but is in the other galaxy. 

Oh ya, watching season one you should prepare season 2 . cause the ending of season one keeps you thinking what will happen next.

About my life: 

Well it is quite tiring, an challenges in life really make your life fun. However, sometime you just want to punch someone in their face. Want to kick them. Yet, this a civilize society. Hmmm, what should we do ? That able to vent anger out from our body. 

I think I just need to avoid such problem. I think for now be quite and silent when comfort with them.
Thats all for today.

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